Instruction Guide

A guide on how to clean your decks! 

Equipment needed: Two buckets; Green washing up scourers; Small stiff bristled brush; Rubber gloves; Cloths; Knee pads; Semco Teak Cleaner System.

Method Thoroughly wet an area of approximately 1 meter square and then apply the RED, part one cleaner, using the green scourer. You will see the timber turn red. Using the green pad, now start the cleaning process by rubbing the grain. You will see the dirt coming out of the wood instantly, every now and then wash out the pad and if needed add more cleaner. Keep up this process until no more dirt comes out and you have finished the area. Remove any surface scum and dirt with a cloth. Now cover the area with GREEN, part two cleaner, with the scouring pad. You will see the timber lighten and come back to the colour of fresh teak. Continue to rub/clean this area until it is uniformly one colour. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth. Continue this same process over the entire decking area until it is complete. Ensure all excess cleaner is removed by thoroughly washing down with fresh water. When cleaning remember to overlap each area so that you do not leave a line in between each cleaned area. Leave the deck until it is completely dry. This will vary depending on air temperature but at least 4 hours on a hot day, preferably 8.

Semco Sealer Once the deck is dry the sealer can now be applied. Stir up the sealer and remember to keep it stirred at all times, as the pigment will settle very quickly. Using a clean cloth wipe on the sealer until the area you are doing is saturated. Now wipe off any excess cleaner ensuring even coverage. A fresh coat of sealer is required every six months or sooner in hot climates. Remember it is the sealer that keeps your decks clean and will keep the grey away. To remove excess sealer from other areas use Semco Fender Cleaner.

Ongoing Maintenance Your decks should not need ‘deep cleaning’ again for some time. To remove surface pollution simply wash the decks with a very soft brush and soapy water. Do not use cleaners or stiff brushes, as this will remove the sealer and the ´greying´ process will start again! SEMCO TEAK CARE Available from stock: Sealer - Available in Pints, Quarts or Gallons (USA quantities) Cleaner Sets - Available in 473ml / 1000ml / 3786ml (metric sizes of each container).


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